Saturday, 13 July 2013

Castor cup gripper

The castor cup gripper is intended to offer great grip at the bottom of great objects. The moving wheels beneath beds and other furniture are likely to be detached or broken. When they are detached, the impact will fall in the furniture as well as the floor. If you can replace or support the wheels with quality ones, there will not any loss to your property. If you had rented the property, you might want to suffer additional penalties by the home owners. This kind of embarrassing situation can be avoided by taking the solution beforehand. 

Enhanced grip

It is quite common that the wheels will be broken or damaged after frequent movements.  It might happen when you relocate to a new place. Even though care is taken during the shifting process, it is not possible to anticipate results at 100%. Hence, possible preventive measures should be taken so that you will not suffer from unnecessary damage and trouble. You can enhance the grip for moving beds, tables and drawers in a flexible way by using the Castor cup gripper. 

Where you can use?

If you are using bed wheels of size 2” or 2.5”, you can easily make-up them through castor cup gripper. It is required to take protective measures based on the kind of floor that you are using. The most common kinds of floors are made up of wood, ceramic and laminate. Castor cup grippers will fit into various situations in an effortless manner. You will get the perfect grip at the bottom of your furniture so that you can enjoy a long life and undamaged floor. You will not incur floor damage charges. There will be savings in terms of time, effort and money. 


There will not be any issue with the size of the wheel. The grips can be employed on any model and it can be accomplished in a successful manner. The stability of furniture will be increased. In spite of frequent movements, there will not be any difficulty in achieving high balance. The property will not be damaged. No scratches will be formed on the wooden floor and you will not want to take measures to cure such damages. If you are fed up by using various other kinds of grippers or no other grippers, you should want to go for the Castor cup gripper. The maintenance of your house and your furniture will be made easy through the deployment of Castor cup grippers. 

Slipstick CB840 large castor cup grippers are used to protect the floor and to get maximum grip at the bottom of the furniture. Slipstick is a patented technology. The special protective design will ensure longer life of floors and carpets. The expensive carpets will not be damaged while moving the objects from one location to another location. Each item weighs 6.1 ounces. The dimensions of each item are 6” x 4” x 2”. The company gives 5 year free replacement guarantee. The product has gotten good reviews and there will be firm grip after using the rings. 

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